Let’s Make Better Choices for the Planet

Future Rx is an experimental platform that aims to empower people to make better choices for the planet using collaborative design, interdisciplinary projects, and futures thinking.

In 2013, I started The Apocalypse Project, an interdisciplinary platform that explores climate change and our environmental futures. I often collaborate with researchers, companies, chefs, think tanks, and local communities to create projects that raise awareness about climate change. Often, these are science fiction projects that intend to provide inclusive discussion and stimulate human imagination about an issue that affects all of humanity.

Aside from the realities of climate change, I learned a great deal about people’s motivations in the course of running The Apocalypse Project. Most people I encountered were moved by climate change issues, but felt helpless about the situation. They accepted that there was a problem, but failed to realize how they could be part of the solution.

I, too, felt helplessness many times in the course of my work, especially in light of world events, our filter bubbles, and increasing inequality. The present, ironically, has caught up to some of the dystopian futures I imagined in The Apocalypse Project. Traveling the world in the course of my art residencies, talks, and exhibitions, I saw firsthand the many things that divide people. I also heard the sentence, “That’s the way it is” in many languages often enough to make me think that the biggest hurdle to a better planet is, in fact, ourselves, particularly our fears.

But while in the midst of global negativity and powerlessness, I noticed that within myself, I started to feel empowered by the choices that I was making as I was learning about living sustainably. I did a closet audit, for example, as I was working on Climate Change Couture, decreasing my dependence on fast fashion slowly, and eventually forever. For every positive environmental decision I did for my lifestyle, the more positive I felt about the state of the world—that maybe I could live with more hope by making better choices.

This is why in 2017, four years after I started The Apocalypse Project, I am starting another platform, Future Rx, to balance my work on raising climate change awareness with practical actions and solutions. I’m mainly doing this for myself, so I won’t go crazy as I keep watching the world burn in the media. But if any of these projects strike you at all, please do reach out and let’s collaborate!


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